Facials: luxury treatment or routine necessity?

More and more people come to realization that taking care of the skin is a must. We focus a lot on our appearance: we get our hair done, nails done, workout hard, but we tend to neglect our skin. Facials are definitely relaxing, but that is not the only perk. Today I will give you 5 main reasons why you should make facials your weekly ritual rather than an occasional pamper session.

Reason #1: Deep cleanse with extractions. Let`s be honest, how many of us are willing to go through the entire cleansing routine ourselves at home? Nobody ever has time or patience for it and the atmosphere is not the same. Getting your skin professionally cleansed is essential if you are looking for results. Extractions have to be done by an esthetician to avoid scarring and pain. If you get facials weekly, you can get away with minimal maintenance at home.

Reason #2: Massage. Isn`t massage really why you are getting a facial? Getting massage during your facial is very relaxing. But did you know that it also helps with lymphatic drainage? Your skin always feels and looks great after a treatment. That is due to the toxins leaving your system and renewed blood circulation.

Reason #3: Equipment. More often you see estheticians using galvanic, high frequency or LED machines to enhance the treatment. Those tools deliver faster penetration of the products and lead to faster results. We all strive to get healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin overnight and getting regular facials is the fastest and safest way to achieve that.

Reason #4: Relaxation. We get caught up with work, we even bring work home during busy days. It seems like there is never time for ourselves. During facials, you are guaranteed to forget about all worries and have at least an hour of total relaxation. Maybe you will free your mind, maybe you will even fall asleep, but you will definitely feel rested after each treatment.

Reason #5: Treatments are tailored to your needs. There isn't one universal cream that will work miracles with every skin type. Every visit you will enjoy a customized treatment based on your concerns and needs. An experienced esthetician will also educate you on home routine and will create a treatment plan to achieve your skin goals.


Margaryta Schwery