Keep Calm and Get Your Nails Done!

“A girl should have two things: Beautiful Nails and Fabulous Toes” – Tammy Taylor

Manicures and Pedicures are always at the top of the list for every woman, whether those are done at home or at the salon. The hands are one of the first things people notice when meeting one another. Manicure has become a MUST for women and men, but how often do women decide to sacrifice quality of manicure/pedicure for the price? Is it quality we are sacrificing or health? Have you ever been to a salon where you prayed the entire visit that you won`t catch any kind of fungus or disease? That by no means should be acceptable. However, it still is a common environment when it comes to quick and cheap nail service. No matter how much a salon charges for nail treatments here are couple of things to consider when getting your nails done next time:

1.      Overall cleanliness of the salon. Is there a thick layer of dust on the shelves? Is the pedicure area clean or have suspicious residue? Is the pedicure bowl spotless? Have they poured water in front of you? Does the manicure area appear to be recently cleaned? These are some common sense questions that you should ask yourself when you walk in.

2.    IMPLEMENTS. Ever wondered where they take them out from, or whether or not those were thoroughly sanitized prior to your visit. Many salons now use autoclaves, where implements are sterilized under high temperatures either in disposable pouches, or on its own and then distributed in pouches to avoid any bacteria. At your next pedicure visit, take a look at the foot file. Disposable files are ideal. You never need to worry about whose feet that file touched that day and whether or not it was properly sanitized.

3.     Pedicure bowl. That’s when praying comes into place. Bowls are the easiest way to share an infection. Try to find a salon that uses bowls with disposable liners. Never dip your feet twice in the same bowl, just relax and enjoy that much needed foot massage.

4.    Nail Polish. When it comes to a more affordable manicure/pedicure, you may have to compromise on the longevity of the nail polish. Different brands have different timeframes on polish wear. You might save a little on this visit, but you will need to repeat it in a week or less.

5.     Labels. Are you ever curious about content of the bottles that nail artists use during your nail appointment? Labeling of every bottle is actually required by law. Some things like lotions, cuticle removers, masks (unless handmade), scrubs should appear in its original packaging to ensure the quality of the product.

Yes, some of the salons charge quite a bit for manicures and pedicures, however, you should settle for nothing less than a clean and safe environment. If you are thinking about bringing your kid along with you to the salon, definitely consider all the points mentioned above. After all, getting nails done is a ritual that involves relaxation!


-       Margaryta Schwery
Chateau de Beaute Salon